Work It Own It is all about working through life’s struggles, as you work towards your dreams & own it every step of the way.

Work It Own It is more than a blog, it’s a way of life. I used to live my life thinking I had to please people. I played it small to avoid conflict, and settled for practicality. And damn, was I miserable. I took a backseat on life, and completely lost myself.

One day I finally realized I needed to get my spark back.

Once I had this awakening, there was no going back. I stepped into the fear. I left a toxic relationship, a dead-end job, and a life that was completely out of line with my purpose.

My journey since then has lead me to exploring my creativity and passions, and how I can use them to help others find their authentic voices and live their dreams out loud. Through my work in yoga, social media and other creative mediums, I hope to inspire people to believe that we are the creators of our own story.

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Emily Santarsiero

Emily Santarsiero

Creator of Work It Own It

Emily has always been a dreamer who loves adventure. She grew up in suburban CT, but craved a more exciting life. After high-school, she moved to NYC where she studied acting & writing at Marymount Manhattan. Since graduating, she’s been on a mission to chase her dreams & live-out her passions: acting, comedy, writing, yoga, traveling, & content creating.

When she’s not performing, she can be found teaching yoga, doing yoga, hiking or relaxing in her sweatpants with a good book.

She’s a graduate of West Hartford Yoga’s training program & hopes to lead women’s empowerment retreats one day.